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Dan Smith's Rune Fonts:

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Historical Rune font pack (release 1.5)
RuneFonts_v15.zip / 242,002 bytes / August 28, 2004
This font pack contains:
  • Germanic Rune fonts, Qty=3 (reg, 1-bar, & 2-bars)
  • AngloSaxon Rune fonts, Qty=3 ((reg, 1-bar, & 2-bars)
  • Dwarvish Rune fonts, Qty=3 (reg, 1-bar, & 2-bars)
  • PDF Help file containing basic information on the history of Runes, examples of J.R.R.Tolkien's use of historical Runes in 'The Hobbit' and detailed font keymappings.
  • Copyright Information:
    These fonts are Postcard-ware. If you like these fonts, please read and comply with the copyright statement included in the font documentation.

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    Rune Macros for Microsoft Word (release 1.4)
    RuneMacros_v14.zip / 67,684 bytes / February 10, 2003
    This "Rune Word Plugin" contains Microsoft Word 8.0 (Word 97) toolbar plug-ins to simplify using Dan Smith's Rune font packs. These macros have been tested with the American/English version of Microsoft Word 97 thru Word 2003. (Based on previous experience, they should also work with the British, French and Spanish versions of Microsoft Word - they may not work with other versions of Microsoft Word such as Russian, Greek or Japanese.) REQUIREMENTS: You must install all of my Tengwar fonts before you can use these macros. Please Note: The Microsoft Word toolbar plug-in contains WordBasic macros. These macros may trigger a FALSE positive when using a many anti-virus programs. Click here for more information.

    Windows Utilities for my Rune Fonts
    If you find using my Rune fonts difficult, you may be interested in some stand-alone Windows utilities created by other Rune fans.

    Font Pack ] Utilities ] Help Files ] Books ]

    Rune Help file (release 1.4) in Adobe PDF format
    RunePDF_v14.zip / 139,772 bytes / September 20, 1999
    This includes basic information on the history of Runes and detailed keymappings for my Rune font packs. REQUIREMENTS: You must install Adobe's Acrobat Reader before you can view this document.

    Font Pack ] Utilities ] Help Files ] Books ]
    Runes (Reading the Past, Vol 4) by Raymond Ian Page / ISBN: 0520061144 / An excellent reference book about Runes based on the archaeological record and historical fact. It chronicles the development of the Runic alphabet in central Europe and it's eventual use throughout Northern Europe, Western Europe, the British Isles and even North America. Contains over forty diagrams, maps, and photos. Author Raymond Ian Page is a former Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the University of Cambridge.

    An Introduction to English Runes by Raymond Ian Page / ISBN: 085115946X / An extensive reference documenting the development of runes as a practical script in early English times, among both Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Scholarly yet readable, it examines the introduction of the runic alphabet (the futhorc) to England in the fifth and sixth centuries, the forms and values of its letters, and the ways in which it developed, up until its decline at the end of the Anglo-Saxon period. It discusses how runes were used for informal and day-to-day purposes, on formal monuments, such as decorative letters in prestigious manuscripts.

    The Hobbit (Leatherette Collector's Edition) by J.R.R. Tolkien / ISBN: 0395177111 / This is the Novel that originally got me interested in Historical European Runes. A classy, leather-bound, hardcover edition of the Hobbit that every Tolkin fan should have. It contains a preface that describes in detail the Anglo-Saxon Runic alphabet used by Tolkien.

    Other Rune Fonts:

    Write your name in Runes
    PBS sponsered Viking web site for transcribing your words and names in the Runic alphabet.

    Freeware/Shareware Fonts by Various People
    These fonts were created by a number of talented artists from all over the world, are generally freeware or shareware fonts. Each ZIP file should contain a 'READ-ME' file which will explain the distribution restrictions or shareware registration fees, if any. Links checked on: 23/SEP/2006

    Morten Bek's Rune Fonts
    Mr. Bek's Tolkien page contains a free Rune font inspired by the Moon-Runes in 'The Hobbit'.

    Peter Rempel's Fonts
    Peter Rempel (Graphic & Font Designer) has made a Germanic Rune font that you can download for free.

    Curtis Clark's Fonts
    Mr. Clark's font page contains free Futhark, Ogham, Linear-B, and more.

    Odd Einar Haugen's Gullskoen Runefont
    Mr. Haugenl has made two medieval Swedish/Viking Rune fonts (Gullhornet and Gullskoen).

    Peter Maranci's RuneQuest page in USA
    Mr. Maranci has a RuneQuest font and some RuneQuest clipart.

    Jef Powell's Freeware Elder Futhark Rune font at SimTel.
    Mr. Powell has made a Freeware TrueType font for the Elder Futhark alphabet used in Old Norse and popularised by the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien. It includes the 24 characters of the Elder Futhark as well as the ten numerals.

    Russian collection of Windows Rune fonts.
    Annother attempted at collecting many of the Freeware/Shareware Windows fonts available on the Internet into one site.

    Do any more Runic fonts or links belong here ?

    Daniel Steven Smith
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