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Rune Utilities for Windows:

These programs will work with my Historical Rune font pack for Windows (Dwarf Runes, Anglo-Saxon Runes and Germanic Runes, version 1.4). Due to key-mapping differences, they will not work with any of the Rune fonts created by other people.

Rune Copy 1.0
RUNECOPY.ZIP / 5539 bytes / September 11, 1997
Created by Hein Ragas as freeware, this Windows utility can use both my Tengwar and Dwarf Rune fonts. When run, displays two windows. You type an ASCII text string using a normal Windows font in the top window, specify the Tengwar or Dwarf Rune font that you wish to use, click on a 'Transscribe' button, and your text will appear in the bottom window in an appropriate mode using the selected font. You can then copy your inscriptions into the Windows clipboard, where they are available to be pasted into any other Windows application.

Daniel Steven Smith
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