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Dan Smith's Mysticora Font

DS_Mysticora.ZIP / 111905 bytes / August 31, 2001
Inspired by the public-domain font MacHumaine (by Bill Horton), DS_Mysticora was developed for Channing Jones' online Role Playing game at www.Mysticora.com. Supports most western and northern european alphabets. The ZIP file contains Windows TrueType fonts only. Here are examples of the style of letters in this font:
Included in the ZIP file is a PDF document containing detailed font keymapping. Click on the Windows icon to download.

Copyright Information:
These fonts are shareware. If you like these fonts, please read and comply with the copyright statement included in the font documentation.

Here is picture of a custom-designed ring that Roy Goodell made for me using my DS_Celtic_Border-1 and DS_Mysticora fonts. He can make just about any kind of custom ring containing just about any design or message that you can think of. On Roy's web site www.5xj.com, you can see photos of many of the custom rings that he has made over the years for people from all over the world. Want to give someone a memorable gift?

Daniel Steven Smith
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